The good news is that there is plenty of help available if you, or someone you know, is experiencing a mental illness.  You just need to know where to access it, and have the courage to seek the help.  Just like with any other illness, the earlier you seek help, the more likely you are to recover and start feeling better.  Below is a list of contact details of charities/places anyone can access for assistance.

Talk to a friend or loved one:

The first thing you should do when you have been feeling down or acting differently is to talk to a friend or loved one about what you are going through. It is not something to be ashamed or embarrassed about and will give them an understanding  of your current situation, so that they can help and support you to get better.


13 11 14  (The number to call if feeling suicidal and in a crisis, you will talk to a trained professional)


1300 22 4636 (Great number to call if you just want to talk to someone and have a person listen and care.  They will also try to help in any way possible) (Brilliant website to visit for quality information, resources and help for anyone experiencing a mental illness or dealing with someone with a mental illness)

Black Dog Institute: (Very informative website on mental illness, contains numerous clinical studies and is constantly updated with new information and research)

Headspace: (Brilliant website for young people experiencing a mental illness.  Provides resources and assistance to young people going through tough times)

Find a Psychologist: (Will help you find and access trained psychologists working within a close proximity to your location)

breakingFree: (Feel free to email us at any time with any issues you might have.  We will do everything we can to help and steer you in the right direction so you can start feeling better)

Above all, don’t suffer in silence, the earlier you seek help or talk to someone, the faster you will recover.