We give presentations at universities, businesses and major conferences/events that focus on educating and encouraging people to live mentally healthy lives. Throughout the presentation we teach 8 simple and practical lifestyle chances/tips that significantly reduce a person’s chances of getting a mental illness and improve overall mental health. The need to seek help early and break the stigma attached to depression, anxiety, bipolar etc is also emphasised.  These presentations are designed to improve the mental health and productivity of all those in attendance.

Each presentation can be slightly modified based on the business or event. Just tell us what you would like our speaker to focus on and we will endeavour to interweave it into the presentation. Our speakers are also able to include a 20 minute motivation session into the presentation, which has been highly successful and well received.

Our presentations can go for between 30-120 minutes, depending on how much time you have available.  Generally 90 minutes gives the speaker enough time to cover all the content in detail and provide the motivational session.