We visit high schools throughout Australia, delivering a free 2 presentation mental health program to groups of grade 10, 11 and 12 students, teaching them how to best look after their mental health.  The program is focused on educating and encouraging students to make mentally healthy choices, form mentally healthy habits and to develop a mentally healthy mindset, in order to prevent mental illness and improve overall mental health.  We have 3 goals for every student who attends and completes our program. 

First, we want students to walk away with the knowledge, tools and techniques on how to positively look after their own mental health, as well as resources for ongoing support and learning.  This is because a large percentage of students are never taught in school or at home the basics on what they can do to look after their mental health, and therefore unknowingly end up making mentally unhealthy choices and living a mentally unhealthy lifestyle.

Second, we want students to take the information and techniques we teach, and actually implement it in their own lives, by motivating, empowering and teaching them the process of forming long lasting habits.  This is because knowledge without action results in no positive change.  Simply teaching students what is beneficial for their mental health is not enough, they need to know how to implement the information in their life through the formation of long lasting habits, in order to improve their mental health.

Third, we want students to leave having developed a mindset in which they prioritise their mental health and are not afraid to seek help if they ever feel like they need it.  We want them to make decisions based on what is best for their mental health and understand that there is no shame in experiencing a mental illness.  This is because so many people still do not prioritise their happiness and are afraid to seek help because of the stigma often attached to mental illness. 

Our program consists of 2 presentations of 60 minutes, which ideally should be separated by at least 2 weeks.  Our main presenter, James Peterson, is young, passionate and one of the preeminent mental health speakers in Australia, having presented 300+ times to over 45,000 high school students, as well as at major businesses, conferences and events.  All presentations are completely free, although schools can make a small donation to breakingFree following the talk, if they found it worthwhile and want to support our cause.

Presentation 2 (60-65 minutes) 

  • Explains step by step how to take the information and techniques taught in presentation 1 and turn them into long lasting habits.
  • Describes in detail the habit formation loop and how it can be used to introduce new positive habits and remove old detrimental habits from a persons life.
  • Encourages students to develop a mindset in which they prioritise and base decisions on what is best for their mental health and happiness.
  • Uses the analogy of life being a story to teach a number of mindset related lessons to assist students in living their happiest life.
  • Summary of the main messages from the 2 presentations.
  • Encourages students to continue learning by completing our free online mental health course.
  • Provides students with a second opportunity to pick up any of our resources for ongoing support.

Presentation 1 (60-65 minutes)

  • Explains why mental illness rates are increasing from a biological and etiological standpoint.
  • Outlines how this can be fixed through simple lifestyle changes.
  • Describes in detail 8 simple lifestyle choices that significantly reduce a persons chances of getting a mental illness and improve overall mental health.
  • Breaks down the stigma attached to mental illness and encourages students to seek help early.
  • Discusses people and places that students can access for help.
  • Encourages students to make the choice to put their mental health first.
  • Provides students with our resources, such as mental health information cards, wristbands, stickers, mental health plans and our free phone app.

Thousands of students from a variety of schools have been surveyed following our 2 presentation program.  Below is our current average survey results: 


95% of students find the 2 presentations informative, motivational and useful

86% of students are more likely to seek help for mental health issues in the future following the 2 presentations

85% of students make positive changes to their lifestyles following the 2 presentations

95% of schools re-book breakingFree for the following year to deliver our 2 presentations

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