breakingFree understands and is aware of the huge issue that mental illness currently poses to society.  It is continually increasing in prevalence, with more and more people suffering each and every day.  We believe that a significant problem requires a significant vision, if there is to be a positive change.  At breakingFree, we have a comprehensive, clear, and bold vision, of how to reduce the levels of mental illness within society.  We are not daunted by the task at hand, and will approach the issue from an innovative standpoint, that focuses primarily on prevention through education and harnesses the tools of technology/social media to spread the message.

Our vision at breakingFree is to reverse the trend of increasing mental illness rates, and to improve the overall mental health and well being of society.  We want to start a movement, where people make their mental health their number 1 priority and live mentally healthy lives.  We want an education system in which all students are taught from a young age why and how to look after their mental health and where to seek help.  We want to create a society in which there is no stigma attached to mental illness, and people talk openly about their issues, free of any judgement.  We want to ensure that everyone has access to help, information and resources, for their mental health, via a free phone app and online course.  We want to make the world a place where people support and assist one another to recover from whatever inner demons they may be fighting.

Our Long Term Objectives

  1. Have young adults frequently delivering presentations and workshops at schools in every state and territory within Australia, teaching high school students how to look after their mental health.
  2. Have governments throughout the world introduce mandatory and regular mental health classes within high schools, teaching students how to look after their mental health.
  3. Have a free mental health app that provides advice, videos and help, downloaded on hundreds of thousands of phones throughout the world.
  4. Have a free online course that supplements our mental health presentations/programs, by methodically teaching people how to make choices, form habits and develop a mindset that is mentally healthy.  
  5. Have 3 major promotional/awareness events each year.
  6. Have a well-known logo and brand, that is synonymous with mentally healthy living.
  7. Have created an online community, where people can support and encourage each other as they recover and improve their mental health.
  8. Have developed weekly community mental health sessions in cities and towns throughout Australia.
  9. Have helped to reverse the trend in mental illness statistics by reducing the number of people who experience and pass away from mental illness each year and by improving the overall well being and happiness within society.