James Peterson (Founder and CEO)

James started breakingFree from scratch at 18 years old, with the ambition of changing the way we view and look after our mental health. He is the main presenter at breakingFree, and has spoken and delivered workshops to thousands of high school students and adults throughout Australia. James is relentlessly driven to reduce rates of mental illness and improve the overall mental health of society.

Ryan Voevidan (Media Manager)

Ryan is committed towards reducing the prevalence of mental illness within society. His devotion to the current and next generation of young people fuels his drive to ensure that we all aim to live mentally healthy lifestyles. Ryan’s graphic design prowess couples hand in hand with breakingFree as media manager, as he endeavours to create the images and branding that will educate, inspire and effectively deliver our message.

Rosie Van Wingerden (Videotographer)

Rosie is a professional videotographer who runs her own videotography and photography company called R Van Films.  She is passionate about helping breakingFree create the videos and photos that will raise awareness and improve the mental health of viewers.  Rosie is excited to use her talents to educate people on how to be mentally healthy, ultimately leading to happier individuals and more smiling faces.


Bianca Palmer (Photographer / Assistant)

Since Bianca found her love for photography in 2011 during school, she exhibited in Energies Exhibition for 3 consecutive years (2011-2013). Bianca went on to win the Basil Sellers Art Prize, as well as placing as a finalist for Creative Generation. She is excited to play a part in breakingFree, educating and encouraging people to live mentally healthy lives, through her photos and general assistance.

Jayden Parsons (Program Co-Ordinator) 

Jayden is passionate about the promotion of positive mental health and reduction of the stigma around mental illness, as his hometown lost a number of youth in a short period of time and he witnessed the impact it can have on a close knit community. This led to his decision to devote as much time as possible to focus on the betterment of the mental health space and the empowerment of young people.

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Elkie Shakespeare (Program Co-Ordinator) 

Elkie is passionate about reducing the negative impact mental illness has on people and promoting mentally healthy lifestyles. With a background of law and business and a passion for education, she is excited to be a part of breakingFree to make effective, positive and permanent changes to improve the overall mental wellbeing of the Australian community, particularly amongst youth.

Maddie Louise (Assistant)

As Maddie personally suffered from a mental illness for a portion of her life and therefore knows the impacts it can have, as soon as she heard about breakingFree Maddie knew it was something she wanted to be apart of.  Mental health is so important and Maddie wants to help convey the beneficial messages and lifestyle changes breakingFree teaches, that she wishes had been taught to her earlier in life.

Chelsey Nichols (Graphic Designer)

Chelsey is a strong supporter in the prevention and treatment of mental illness through the fostering of self-esteem and self-belief.  Through physical exercise and co-curricular participation, she believes individuals mental health can be helped immensely.  She is keen to use her extensive digital marketing and design skills to help raise awareness to such an important cause and to provide simple and effective mental health education.