breakingFree was founded in 2013, in memory of Grant Donald Peterson. He was a beautiful and loving person, a hard worker, who was genuinely interested in others, stood up for what was right and valued family above everything.

Grant was a larger than life figure, who was so cruelly afflicted by mental illness, specifically depression and anxiety.  He battled and lived with it for a large portion of his life.  Grant was one of the toughest people you could ever hope to meet, but even he couldn’t overcome the torment and suffering within his mind, tragically ending his own life on the 2nd April, 2013.

Grant was a truly special person that impacted and changed the lives of so many people. He left a legacy that will never be forgotten, and his determination, righteousness and kind heart, is the foundation upon which breakingFree is based. Grant had always wanted to start a mental health foundation, to help those who endure the same pain he experienced. In his memory, breakingFree helps to educate and encourage people to live mentally healthy lifestyles and to not be afraid to seek help.  We are putting mental health first.