The Amanda Flynn Foundation decided to become the main sponsor and supporter of breakingFree in June 2016, after it became apparent that our activities and vision align perfectly with their primary objective of improving mental health and reducing the suicide rate within Australia, particularly amongst youth.
The Amanda Flynn Foundation was founded in memory of Amanda Flynn, a talented, beautiful, smart and endearing young women, who had the world at her feet. Unfortunately throughout Amanda’s life, she experienced mental illness, specifically severe anxiety, and tragically at only 27 years of age, she made the decision to end her own life.
Today the foundation has been established to provide funding grants, to assist charitable organisations who embark on helping the ever-growing number of young people in Australia who are affected by anxiety and other mental health conditions.
We are excited to have found a sponsor who fully supports out initiatives and vision for the future, and wants to assist breakingFree so that we can help prevent young people from developing mental illnesses, by educating and encouraging them to live mentally healthy lifestyles.
In memory of Grant Peterson and Amanda Flynn, we will work together to create a more mentally healthy society.  The support of the Amanda Flynn Foundation is sincerely appreciated.